Cath Kidston collaborates with Pinterest to launch ‘Colour’ QR codes


Cath Kidston Group Limited, the global lifestyle brand, today launched ‘Colour’ QR codes as a unique and first-ever collaboration with Pinterest enabling customers to discover the inspiration behind the new “Colour by Cath Kidston” collection. As the first UK brand to integrate Pinterest Lens with QR codes, Cath Kidston will be bringing the collection to life in 68 of its stores as well as on Pinterest with bespoke boards and a Promoted Pins campaign.  

Starting this week, customers will be able to Lens a ‘Colour’ QR code found in-store on the swing tag attached to each of the bags in the new collection. The ‘Colour’ QR code will take customers to a Pinterest board created for each bag showing ideas for how to style it as well as to discover the motivation around the colour range.  hrough its collaboration with Pinterest, Cath Kidston will be bringing the collection to life for consumers in a compelling way to help inform purchase decisions and enhance consumer engagement.  

Pinterest, the app that helps people discover and do what they love, launched its Lens feature earlier this year as a new way to search for ideas using your phone’s camera. The innovative visual discovery technology enables people to take a photo of anything that inspires them and receive recommendations for similar objects and ways to bring the idea or style to life.  Using Lens on QR codes offers an additional way to discover ideas. Tap the Lens icon in the Pinterest app and hover over a QR Code to find more ideas and information. This is just the first step in making Pinterest Lens more useful and compelling for brands such as Cath Kidston.

In addition to ‘Colour’ QR codes on the product, customers will also be able to Lens the ‘Colour’ QR code on printed cards displayed in stores. The collaboration will be featured in Pinterest editorial including its curated Explore space and supported with a paid Cath Kidston Promoted Pins campaign on the platform.  

Sue Chidler, marketing director of Cath Kidston, commented on the collaboration: “Being the first UK retailer to use Pinterest Lens with QR codes in-store is really exciting for us. By enriching the customer shopping experience, ‘Colour’ QR codes will really help us to have a dialogue with our customers during the decision making process both at retail and online. I am very proud that Cath Kidston is at the forefront of driving this experience. This latest collaboration is another example of the company’s strategic drive to enrich the customer experience in all our UK stores. I’m very excited to see how this collaboration plays out for the launch of the “Colour by Cath Kidston” collection and beyond.”