Cathedral City launches calorie-led cheese range


Dairy Crest is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Cathedral City 82’, a new, calorie led range under its market-leading cheddar brand.

A superior tasting, smooth and creamy half fat cheese, (50% reduced fat and 33% fewer calories than standard cheddar), Cathedral City 82 has 82 calories per portion and is high in protein, offering consumers a more permissible way to incorporate cheese into their diet.

The launch aims to reframe health within the cheese sector, moving focus away from ‘reduced fat’ towards a more permissible calorie messaging, while dialling up on taste and quality cues via a stand out packaging design that will clearly differentiate ‘Cathedral City 82’ from the wider range and disrupt on shelf. 

Nigel Marchant, Cathedral City marketing controller, explains “Health as a reason for food choice continues to grow but for many there is still a perception that ‘lighter’ products will compromise on taste. We’ve seen a more recent shift in government, retailer and consumer focus towards calorie reduction, and in response, a rise of calorie based product propositions in other grocery categories such as ice cream, which are successfully changing consumer perceptions of ‘lighter’ offerings in their respective sectors. Cathedral City 82 aims to leverage this trend to offer consumers a healthier cheese that tastes great and that, at 82 calories per portion, they can readily incorporate into their daily diet.”

Cathedral City 82 will launch as a nine month exclusive in Tesco from 17 June with a range of Block (200g), Big Slice (150g, 5 x 30g slices) and Grated (180g) formats. 

The Lighter Everyday Cheese sector is currently valued at £107m, bought by more than 4 in 10 UK households and contributes 10% of Total Everyday Cheese. Driving volume growth ahead of the market, Lighter Everyday Cheese has gained 1.3m new shoppers in the latest year, notably recruiting younger demographics, with buyers increasing their average purchase volume year on year3

Cathedral City remains the nation’s favourite cheese brand, valued at £285m and bought by 55% of all UK households.