Cdiscount introduces express pick-up for 30kg + packages, available within 24-48 hours of purchase


France’s leading e-tailer, Cdiscount, has made a new express pick-up option available to its customers for purchases weighing over 30kg available within 24-48 hours of purchase.

Cdiscount ships a total of 11m small packages every year, distributing two-thirds of them through its network of 17,500 pick-up locations. For purchases exceeding 30kg, such as sofas and other furniture, large electrical appliances, screens and stereo equipment, the website has developed a network of 550 pick-up locations in France, including 400 Casino Group stores and 150 supply chain units. This dense coverage ensures that customers can find a pick-up location within an average of 10 km of their home to collect products within four to six days of purchase. This explains why 60% of Cdiscount customers prefer the pick-up option for 30kg-plus packages.

To further enhance its large-package delivery service and meet customer expectations, Cdiscount is opening the first express pick-up location in Auxerre (Burgundy), which will guarantee product availability within two days of purchase. To cover France’s largest cities, Cdiscount will also be opening 100 express pick-up locations for 30kg-plus packages. These collection points will serve roughly 80% of customers, most of whom are individuals with an urgent need to replace an electrical appliance or large item of household equipment.

The products will be delivered daily from two warehouses, one in Andrézieux in the Loire Valley, and the other at the new site in Saint-Mard, a northeast suburb of Paris. The new 50,000sq m site, operated by Casino Group service provider ID Logistics, will give Cdiscount the additional means it requires to reduce time to delivery.

The supply chain will be organised around two geographical centres from now on, with Saint-Mard serving the north of France and Andrézieux the south. The north/south logistical system for delivering packages over 30kg, with both warehouses carrying the same items in inventory, will ensure one-day delivery of 30kg-plus purchases to express pick-up locations in the Paris and Lyon regions.