Ceek offers five top tips to ensure retailers stand out online


By Charlie Terry, founder and managing director, social media marketing agency Ceek

Terry: top tips

1. Be active 

Be present on as many platforms as possible. Although high street footfall is down, online traffic is up! Ensure that your business is active on as many platforms as possible whilst keeping a consistent look & feel to your content. The chance of someone finding your business on a platform you are not active on is zero. Be active, on all available online outlets. 

2. Get talking 

Talk to your existing customers about your website/ blog and social media platforms. Your existing customer-base is the best place to start when looking to grow your existing online audience. Ask them to follow you, run competitions for them to tag friends to grow your online community and above all, engage with them! 

3. Make it a two-way exchange 

Engaging with your audience however small is crucial, too often at CEEK we see brands release information about products and services but then when a customer comments or asks questions, they don’t respond! Social media is a quick and easy way to interact with existing and future customers, don’t let it go to waste. 

4. Cover the basics

Make sure the simple things are done right. Opening times, FAQs, and up-to-date information will help your customer but also help improve your visibility on platforms such as Google. Too often we see brands with out-of-date information that makes interacting with the brand more difficult for new and existing customers. E-commerce savvy shoppers expect a smooth online experience so ensure your website makes it easy for customers to purchase your items! Consider having a specialist review your website to make sure it performs well both on desktop and mobile devices. 

5. Have fun 

Have fun with your digital presence! Show the personality of the team and the brand and try to enjoy it. The Gen Z audience, who are the largest e-commerce spenders in the world, gravitate towards authenticity and interesting content. The Gen Z audience already make up nearly half of all e-commerce spend and are only going to get older and have more disposable income (of which they typically spend half of each month).

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