Central Line Tube eureka moment inspires headphone product on show at Spring Fair


A new concept and brand, which reflects the current trend for personalisation, Qbees will be showcased in front of more than 70,000 retailers at the acclaimed Spring Fair in Birmingham ( 1-5 February 2015). The event features the world’s biggest collection of British-designed products and the latest products from new and popular brands.

Jason Palmer is extremely pleased to have been given the opportunity and is looking forward to introducing Qbees.  Palmer said: “As a totally new concept and brand, the Spring Fair offers Qbees a unique opportunity to focus on the type of retailers that I believe would benefit from buying from us. Whilst we would value interest from any retailer, I believe smaller retailers, like non bricks and mortar niche websites and mail-order catalogues would be ideal partners.”

Spring Fair International is the key buying opportunity to source the hottest new products, discover the latest trends and meet over 3,000 suppliers at Europe’s most comprehensive gift show.

“You think you’ve seen it all but you haven’t until you come to Spring Fair, it’s dazzling,”  said Kirstie Allsopp, TV Presenter, Craft and Property Expert.

The latest craze to hit the UK is all of those things and more – it’s fun, highly collectable and inexpensive to boot. Qbees are fashion accessories that snap around headphone cables, giving tweens and teens the opportunity to decorate and accesorise their look.

Palmer, Qbees creator, said: “Young people have so much passion and creative drive so why not let them be a part of designing the accessories they choose to wear. We want to champion young artists and commend creativity and this product does exactly that. And for those who prefer to choose ready-made designs, they can choose from a fantastic selection created either by our designers or their own peers.”

Qbees are made up of mini plastic snap-frames and interchangeable images (called Qubes) that sit inside, and they cost £3 for the pair, regardless of whether you choose to upload your own photo, use the word editor or choose from the Qbees fabulous range. They allow the user to transform their boring headphone cables into works of art, message boards or personal statements. The product is so versatile it provides an ever-changing platform for young creative minds, the company claims.

The concept was born during a ride on the London Underground when Palmer noticed the people sitting opposite all had the same white cables hanging down around them. ‘How boring’ shifted to ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if they were more individual and colourful and interesting to look at’ and with that, the brand was born.

Not content with simply providing a variety of fun shapes, colours and images, the team behind Qbees has opened the doors to a new kind of product – offering people the chance to become Qube designers by submitting their ideas online. Winning designs will bag the artist £50 and they will get to watch as their Qube moves up the trending wall.

Move over playground trends, this craze is all about the wider world and letting tweens put their own stamp on it, literally…

Palmer said: “What Qbees offers is a unique fresh concept, with great branding, reflecting the current trend for personalisation. Most importantly Qbees offers businesses the ability to open up new revenue streams, using their existing intellectual property within their businesses with great new Qbees product ranges to fit their brand. I am very excited to be able to launch Qbees to the retail sector at the Spring Fair, and I look forward to seeing the reaction to our great new product.”