Cert: surface cleaner targets high street businesses to reassure customers Covid isn’t being taken lightly

With the Russo-Ukraine war in full flow, Elon Musk making his move on Twitter and domestic utilities bills spiralling hopelessly out of control, it’s perhaps not surprising that Covid updates have been consigned to the ‘tucked away’ pages of our daily news. Public attention has instead been distracted by a spluttering global economy, NHS falling admissions rhetoric and a government determined to get commuters to support the high street economy by returning to their abandoned offices.

Hopefully yesterday’s pandemic will soon be tomorrow’s endemic but with Asia once again experiencing a significant rise in covid cases nothing can be taken for granted.

Perhaps most tellingly, the UK’s home cleaning sector (surface cleaners), which grew by a staggering 35% (49m extra bottles of surface cleaners) back in 2020 has subsequently shrunk back to pre-pandemic levels. Today a new tranche of trendy, plant-based cleaners are gaining favour over more battle-hardened disinfectants and detergents despite not being equipped to keep unwelcome viruses + unwelcome bacteria in check

Cert was first conceived in 2020, based on the manifold learnings of Hydrachem, a Sussex-based pioneer in water disinfection and purification, whose low-dose hospital-grade chlorine tablets have been used for decades by everyone from the NHS and trusted global health institutions to a number of the world’s best known global charity institutions who promote safe hygiene around the globe.

Launching in 2022, Cert sees itself as the perfect surface cleaner for any in-the-know small-business (nail bars, hair salons, cafes, urban gyms, dental practices…) looking to reassure returning customers and commuters that takes protecting customers from unsavoury viruses very seriously.

Cert provides small businesses with a reusable sprayer and packs of effervescent, low-dose chlorine tablets that combine seamlessly with tap water to create a pre-dosed 2-in-1 disinfectant and detergent, whose initial chlorine strength dissipates 5 days after being activated which means that it can be poured harmlessly down the toilet.

Essentially Cert is a small, agitating surface cleaner that has joined the procession of planet-friendly brands tackling the needless proliferation of planet-unfriendly single-use plastic whilst supporting small consumer-friendly businesses in their quest to keep Covid in check.