Chameleon Colour Tone Pens launch exclusively with Create and Craft TV

New Chameleon pens

New Chameleon pens

Claimed to be taking the arts and crafts market by storm, Chameleon Colour Tone Pens are launching exclusively with Create and Craft TV. These pens are said to be an essential tool for artists, illustrators, graphic designers and crafters alike. Chameleon pens feature Japanese technology ensuring colour control has never been easier, the company claims.

Chameleon Art, professionals in this field, have been developing the colour-changing pens for three years. Chameleon gives artists full colour control when drawing, the company reports. One pen can give you a selection of shades, achieving multiple tones to highlight, define and blend.

According to Create and Craft TV, Chameleon Pens will soon become an essential component of your creative tool kit. Each pen uses professional quality alcohol-based ink and has a mixing chamber that contains a toning medium, which are both refillable. Designed with a three nib technology, the pen can be used with the bullet nib or the Japanese brush nib, for diverse techniques when colouring. The mixing nib is the colour control gauge, when pressing the nib against the mixer nib, the toning fluid is absorbed into the main pen, diluting the colour.

As the pen is used, the colour will be very light but as the toning fluid weakens, the full colour comes through – giving the graduation and shading effect to create smooth colour transitions, Chameleon Art reports.

Create and Craft is the only retailer of Chameleon Colour Tone Pens. Perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, art students and everyday crafters, the Chameleon Pens are available as a full set, or as colour segments such as Cool, Earthy, Pastel and Primary Tones, which includes a set of five pens.

Michael Rolfe, chairman of Chameleon, said: “Chameleon Art Products are delighted to be launching our revolutionary markers, the Chameleon Colour Tones, in partnership with Create & Craft TV. With their continued success and ability to inspire and educate consumers, they provide the ideal opportunity to get our product into the heart of the UK craft market. We are hugely excited they will be introducing the pens to the world.”

Michael O’Connor, marketing manager of Create and Craft, said: “We are always looking for innovative products and after seeing Chameleon Pens in America, we wanted to share this fantastic product. We have been working very closely with Chameleon and we are thrilled to have exclusivity on this.”