ChannelAdvisor adds channels, geographies, devices and insights in new release

ChannelAdvisor, a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to increase global sales, has released new technology designed to simplify cross-border trade and cross-channel e-commerce.
The company’s 2013 Autumn Release is said to offer support for more geographies and more devices, provides actionable insights and introduces several platform updates.
With the Autumn Release, ChannelAdvisor said it gives its customers access to millions of potential new customers around the globe through support for Tesco in the UK, Best Buy in the US as well as Amazon China and Amazon Japan. Marketplaces are the safest way for retailers and manufacturers to expand internationally, and ChannelAdvisor claims its customers have unprecedented access to global marketplaces to simplify cross-border trade. To further support its expanded international offerings, ChannelAdvisor is now available in French, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and English.
“The goal of this year’s Autumn Release is to further break down the boundaries of countries, devices, time zones and channels, bridging the gaps of commerce expansion and cross-border trade for online retailers,” said ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo.
“To do this we’ve added support for more international marketplaces and enhanced support for mobile and tablet devices. E-commerce expansion just got a whole lot easier. Additionally, we’ve provided better performance data that allows customers to take immediate action to improve online sales.”
ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn Release is also said to be capitalising on the growing importance of mobile as a research and commerce channel. ChannelAdvisor claims it now offers an unparalleled set of features to understand, manage and automate Google Enhanced Campaign performance across devices. 
Wingo said: “According to the IMRG, mobile sales accounted for 12% of e-retail sales in the UK in 2012, so we’re providing features to make it simpler for retailers to target and automate mobile paid search.”
“Thanks to ChannelAdvisor’s support for enhanced campaigns, our account team was able to efficiently scale our mobile and tablet exposure without having to devote significant resources to create device specific campaigns,” said Michigan Bulb paid search manager Andrew Bethel. “Since the full rollout of enhanced campaigns our performance across devices has been great. On tablets, we were able to increase clicks by nearly 30 times and conversions by more than 70 times year-over-year. ChannelAdvisor‘s platform and expert management of our search-based mobile initiatives have been a success, and I look forward to continuing to capitalise on the proliferation of mobile and tablet commerce.”
To further help customers grow and optimise online sales, ChannelAdvisor also introduced Actionable Retail Insights for Amazon, eBay, Google and Bing. With Actionable Retail Insights,ChannelAdvisor’s platform offers relevant recommendations designed to help retailers bolster business. These recommendations come with specific actions that retailers can take to improve offers, price and more.
“Using Actionable Retail Insights, we’ve been able to identify more than 100 possible products that make sense for us to sell on Amazon,” said Manager Rigel Barros. “It’s no longer a guessing game. We now have an intelligent way to identify inventory opportunities within minutes through the ChannelAdvisor platform, and we can sell what we know people want.”
Finally, other platform enhancements include new customisable dashboards and reporting, which allow retailers to choose from a collection of layouts and widgets to tailor and enhance their preferred workflows within ChannelAdvisor.
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