ChannelAdvisor: brands must engage on social networks


Brands must engage with consumers on social networks, according to e-commerce provider, ChannelAdvisor.

It claims businesses, including Procter & Gamble (P&G), are simply recreating their existing e-commerce sites on Facebook.

While this is becoming a fairly common approach, a smarter approach can increase engagement and help drive sales, it says.

James Scott, MD EMEA at ChannelAdvisor, said: “P&G has taken the approach of putting storefronts on Facebook, which list all of its products, in a way that is very similar to its existing websites. This is an approach that we’re seeing fairly often in the market, applied with varying degrees of success. However, whilst businesses are right to try to engage existing and potential customers on Facebook, our experience shows users are looking for unique product promotions and product selections in return for ‘liking’ a retailer’s brand.

“From our discussions with retailers, those who are having the most success on Facebook are changing promotions and selections on a regular basis. This more dynamic approach encourages users to engage more with the brand and makes them more likely to share the offers with their own friends on Facebook. This then creates a viral or network effect and drives increased volumes of brand awareness as well as qualified traffic to the retailer’s off-Facebook website. We see this as the most successful way of converting Facebook fans into spenders.”