ChannelAdvisor: UK retailers set to embrace e-commerce as sales channel

E-commerce platform provider, ChannelAdvisor, claims UK retailers will increasingly embrace e-commerce as a key sales channel.

Commenting on news Britain is now eBay’s fastest growing market and the number of UK consumers using eBay is enjoying double-digit growth year-on-year, Seamus Whittingham, managing director EMEA at ChannelAdvisor, said multiple e-commerce channels will have to be increasingly integrated to try and compete with eBay’s astounding growth.

“It is no surprise at all to hear Devin Wenig reveal Britain has become eBay’s fastest growing market. ChannelAdvisor customers have seen a 22% increase in UK sales through eBay, which supports Devin’s view it is a fast growing market,” he said.

“The UK has really started to embrace everything eBay has to offer and businesses are exploring the opportunities online marketplaces present in terms of increasing sales, meeting the changing habits of shoppers and potential to open up foreign markets.

“Brands and retailers of all sizes are realising, by including eBay as part of their online strategy, they are able to reach a huge number of potential shoppers in a way that can be extremely cost-effective if you put the right systems in place.

“With eBay always looking at new ways to engage brands and retailers with the consumer, I’m sure we’ll see eBay’s UK site continue to outpace the average e-commerce growth in other countries. It’s a very exciting time to be an online retailer.”