Charles Bentley & Son to distribute new hygienic toilet brush


Charles Bentley & Son has become the exclusive distributer of a new hygienic toilet brush after launching the product in the UK and Europe.

Dip-San portable toilet brush

Dip-San portable toilet brush

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, the EU & US patented Dip-San is the only self-cleaning toilet brush on the market. Ideal for the professional cleaning environment, including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, offices, schools and public facilities, every Dip-San toilet brush boasts a lifetime guarantee.

Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and promising a completely hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet brush, Dip-San features a reservoir of cleaning fluid, which cleans the brush after each use.

With floor standing, wall mounted and portable variations to choose from, Dip-San provides a flexible and cost effective system to suit all cleaning regimes.

In addition, the portable version is specifically designed for use within the professional cleaning environment, greatly reducing germ transfer risk between toilet locations.

How it works
After use, return the brush to its holder and depress the handle to dip the brush head into the reservoir of Dip-San Cleaning Fluid. To further assist the cleaning process, simply twist the brush handle while in the dip position, as this will cause the brush head bristles to agitate against the internal ribs in the reservoir. The brush will return to its original position thanks to the internal spring loaded action.

To replace the Dip-San Cleaning Fluid, remove brush, flush away used solution and fill reservoir with water to the top of the internal agitation ribs. Just add 20ml Dip-San Cleaning Fluid, replace the brush and it is ready for use – simple!

Available products
The Dip-San Hygienic Toilet Brush promises to keep both toilet and brush clean after use thanks to the depress and dip design. A hygienic alternative to traditional brushes, Dip-San is made from polypropylene for durability and longevity, and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee (conditions apply).

The Dip-San Portable Toilet Brush has been specifically developed for the professional cleaning environment, bringing hygienic benefits to all toilet environments. The professional starter pack contains one portable Dip-San brush with carry handle, a replacement brush head and two 250ml bottles of Dip-San cleaning fluid.

This Dip-San Cleaning Fluid pack contains four 250ml bottles of concentrated solution for use with the Dip-San Hygienic Toilet Brush. Each bottle contains 12 doses of environmentally friendly herbal scented cleaning fluid.

The Dip-San Brush Pack contains two replacement Dip-San brush heads, with bristles made from quality nylon, which resists flattening. The result is a hard wearing brush head that promises high quality toilet cleaning time after time.

Dip-San is protected by EU & US patents.