Charles Tyrwhitt embraces social proof messaging from Taggstar to help customers make best investments in their wardrobes and wins a 1.8% conversion rate

With a continued focus on innovation and the customer experience, menswear retailer Charles Tyrwhitt ran a social proof messaging trial to test the concept with its discerning customer base. The strategy worked, delivering an impressive 1.8% conversion rate uplift and an ROI of 501%, evidence that social proof works even for premium brands. As a result, Charles Tyrwhitt has now signed a 12-month contract with Taggstar for further social proof messaging rollouts.


Charles Tyrwhitt was founded by Nick Wheeler in 1986, who had a desire to produce quality, stylish clothes for men with what he refers to as ‘a pinch of British charm’. Nick has developed the business from a flagship store on London’s Jermyn Street into an international retailer with stores in the UK, USA and France as well its global ecommerce business.


Charles Tyrwhitt’s discerning target customer, as well as its premium brand positioning, means that delivering a quality customer experience is essential. Surfacing the right product information at the right time is crucial for ensuring a seamless shopping experience for its customer. As its customer base has returned to investing in quality pieces post-pandemic, it was also important that the brand reiterated its positioning as a key menswear retailer for the ‘successful man’ and could convert them from browsing to buying.


Charles Tyrwhitt ran a two-month evaluation during the summer of 2021 across five of the brand’s key international sites, including the UK, USA, Germany, Australia and the company’s EU site.

The full-funnel trial, which ran for two months from June 10th 2021, used 11 real-time social proof messaging types, including ‘Popularity’, ‘Trending’ and ‘Urgency’.


The full-funnel implementation delivered a conversion rate uplift of 1.8% for Charles Tyrwhitt during the evaluation period, with 2,204 incremental orders and an additional £360,413 in revenue – which equates to an ROI of 501%.

After signing a 12- month contract Charles Tyrwhitt has now committed to a roadmap of further testing incorporating additional messaging types as well as machine learning algorithm tests.

Alex Buckingham, head of digital experience at Charles Tyrwhitt, said: “For our business it’s important not just to surface the right product information to our customers but to do so in an elegant way befitting of our target customer and our brand ethos.”

“Taggstar’s social proof messaging did this beautifully, with messages specifically targeted to our customer profile. The results spoke for themselves delivering a powerful ROI of 501%, as well as a conversion rate uplift of 1.8%. These were impressive results, and we look forward to seeing the value we can drive for our business and customers from further use of social proof messaging from Taggstar.”

He continued: “We were also impressed with how easy the technology was to implement. We strive to embrace innovation and thanks to the great teamwork we saw between our business and the team at Taggstar we were able to deliver social proof messaging quickly and with no distractions.”

Pete Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “Social proof messaging delivers tremendous value in helping customers narrow down choice, especially for specialist retailers such as Charles Tyrwhitt. As a customer of the brand myself, I’ve also personally seen the benefits as it helps me pinpoint which style and cut of shirt is currently the most fashionable, helping me in my own decision-making process”.