Charlotte Tilbury’s Advent Calendar is the internet’s most popular, research reveals


New research has found Charlotte Tilbury’s beauty advent calendar to be the most popular calendar this Christmas season.  

Research conducted by beauty experts Cosmetify analysed Google search data, internet article mentions of each calendar and each brand’s Instagram following to compile a list of the most popular beauty advent calendars this Christmas.  

Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Dreams and Secrets was revealed as the most in-demand beauty advent calendar of 2021. Priced at £150, the calendar includes 12 of the brand’s best-selling makeup and skincare products in a handy reusable box. The calendar, which is now sold out online, had approximately 6,600 Google searches in September and the highest number of mentions in online articles, with 28 mentions.  

The second most popular beauty advent calendar is MAC’s Box of Tricks. MAC’s beauty calendar was searched more than Charlotte Tilbury’s, with 10,100 average searches. Despite this, it had far fewer mentions in articles online, with nine, and the fifth Instagram following of 2.4 million. 

Revolution Beauty’s advent calendar placed as the third most in-demand beauty calendar this Christmas season. The calendar had the second-highest number of mentions in online articles, with 22 mentions. Additionally, Revolution has an Instagram following of 3.1 million, and the calendar receives 3,600 average monthly Google searches. 

2021’s Most Popular Beauty Advent Calendars 
Brand Search Volume Articles Published Instagram Following Index Score 
Charlotte Tilbury 6600 28 4300000 18 
MAC 10100 2430000 30 
Revolution 3600 22 3100000 31 
The Body Shop 16100 10 2300000 33 
Jo Malone 8100 16 1800000 33 
Lush 4400 4000000 37 
Cult Beauty 2900 12 1600000 48 
Huda Beauty 1000 6800000 55 
Benefit Cosmetics 1900 15 1300000  56 
Too Faced 4400 1280000 56 

The Body Shop ranked as the fourth most popular beauty advent calendar this Christmas season. This year, the Body Shop revealed four different advent calendars all ranging in price, all including a different selection of the brand’s best sellers. The Body Shop had the highest number of monthly searches out of every other calendar, with 16,100 searches.   

The Jo Malone London advent calendar came in fifth, also topping the list as the most expensive calendar, costing £325. From festive scents to exclusive products, Jo Malone’s calendar had the third-highest mentions in online articles, with 16 mentions. Additionally, the calendar had the third-highest monthly search volume, with 8,100 searches. 

Huda Beauty’s House of Huda advent calendar also features as one of 2021’s most popular advent calendars. Despite the calendar having the lowest amount of Google searches with 1,000 searches and only five mentions in online articles, the brand has the largest Instagram following on the list with 6.8 million followers. 

Benefit Cosmetics The More, The Merrier advent calendar features as the cheapest calendar in the list. The calendar features 12 days of mini and fun-size products, costing £58.50, making it the most affordable calendar in the top ten. Despite having the second-lowest search volume on the list with 1,900 searches, Benefit had the fourth-highest number of mentions in online articles, with 15 articles.   

Commenting on the study’s findings, a spokesperson for Cosmetify, said: “The Christmas countdown has officially begun, and what better way to kick-off the festive season than with popular beauty advent calendars! Beauty calendars have become much more mainstream in recent years, so it is fascinating that Charlotte Tilbury’s calendar takes this year’s top spot”. 

The analysis was conducted by Cosmetify, which brings together thousands of brands and hundreds of retails on one platform to ensure a simple shopping experience and allow the consumer to compare the prices of their favourite products at a glance.