Checkpoint develops the world’s first density sensing tag

Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of source to shopper solutions, has announced the launch of a unique new retail security solution, designed specifically for boxed merchandise. Its intelligent Density Tag senses whether merchandise is inside a box, alarming when it is removed by potential shoplifters.

Existing loss prevention solutions have, until now, only protected the external box itself, rather than the product inside. This new solution, developed by Checkpoint’s highly innovative ALPHA High Theft division, takes a radical new approach, protecting internal merchandise from outside of the box.

Designed for a wide range of merchandise – including tools, expensive cutlery and knives, electronics and fragrances – Density Tag uses a unique sensor to measure density variations and ‘sense’ merchandise through carton board. It does not require any holes to be made on the package and is available in both AM and RF technologies.

The alarming module is attached onto the box using a disposable support made of a transparent polycarbonate sled (disc) with a transparent adhesive. It can be applied at source or in-store, giving retailers greater placement consistency and flexibility to protect merchandise. The sensor itself can be recycled and used on other merchandise. If the merchandise is removed from inside the box or the sensor leaves the store, the device alarms alerting store associate of a potential theft.

Ben Perreau, product manager of ALPHA High Theft, commented: “We’re excited to introduce this innovative solution that will significantly reduce theft via package removal in-store. Density Tag is a unique solution, with no similar loss prevention products able to ‘sense’ the merchandise’s presence within a box. It is extremely easy to apply, easy to remove and ensures merchandise has an effective visual deterrent when on display.”

Key features include the following:

  • AM or RF technology
  • 2-Alarm®
  • 95 dBA alarm
  • Flashing LED light
  • Isolated sound chamber
  • Easy to apply and remove by retailers