Checkpoint Systems claims CLASSIC N10 EAS system is ideal for convenience stores

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, has announced its CLASSIC N10 electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution, which is designed primarily for convenience stores.

New EAS solution for c-stores

New EAS solution for c-stores

The N10 features a smaller, flexible antenna that places a premium on floor space, while reducing shrink, improving on-shelf availability and enabling the open display of merchandise.

Coupled with Checkpoint’s extensive breadth of tagging solutions, it protects a wide range of merchandise, and serves as a perfect introduction for retailers with smaller store entrances and exits as well as other areas within the store where theft occurrence can be high, such as toilet areas and employee break rooms.

Uwe Sydon, senior vice president of innovation, Checkpoint Systems, said: “We’ve researched and worked with convenience stores that have many of the same requirements for loss prevention solutions as larger outlets, but often have neither the floor space nor the budget for standard traditional floor mounted, free-standing EAS antennas. With the introduction of the N10 – featuring one of the smallest EAS antennas on the market — those limitations are gone.”

The N10 uses Checkpoint’s latest generation of detection platforms, which includes jammer detection for organised retail crime attempts to defeat the system, and the latest noise filtering and reduction software to ensure the N10 always performs at an optimum level.

Its bright LED lit acrylic design acts as a highly effective visual deterrent for potential theft. The N10 can be wall or door-frame mounted or sited on an optional free-standing floor mount. In addition, retailers can swivel the antenna in any direction, as well as spin and tuck it out of the way when needed.

Retailers using the N10 can choose from an enormous range of product tagging solutions from Checkpoint, including Alpha High Theft Solutions, as well as hard tags and soft labels.

Consumers benefit from improved on-shelf product availability and open merchandising via the theft reduction effects of EAS, and the active deterrent N10 provides in reducing theft attempts in the protected stores. In addition, because of its smaller size, shoppers’ movements aren’t restricted.

Classic N10 is available immediately.