Checkpoint Systems implements RFID at distribution centres of Zara parent, Inditex Group

RFID now active in 700 Zara stores across 22 countries

RFID now active in 700 Zara stores across 22 countries

Checkpoint Systems, a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, has been selected by the Inditex Group to implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into its distribution centres.

Inditex’s RFID implementation project was recently unveiled by chairman and CEO Pablo Isla at the company’s annual general meeting.

Checkpoint provides the item-level encoding solution of RFID labels at Inditex distribution centres for garments in boxes, pallets and hanging items at a speed in line with Inditex’s logistics needs. The high-speed bulk encoding solution, which combines hardware and software, ensures the highest levels of accuracy and encoding speed without needing to manually open boxes and handle individual garments, Checkpoint reports. RFID label encoding means that Inditex products are associated with a unique code allowing the apparel retailer to manage its inventory automatically.

Checkpoint’s solution also enables Inditex to automate the sending of garments from the distribution centres to the stores, avoiding any possible packing mistakes in quantity, model, size or colour. The RFID solution automatically checks the accuracy of the content of the boxes regardless of the packing format – with a high level of precision and at a high speed – in line with Inditex demands before they are sent to the stores.

The RFID project is already active in more than 700 Zara stores in 22 countries. Isla said: “Implementation of this next-generation technology is one of the most significant changes ever in how the Group’s stores operate.”

“We are proud to support Inditex’s omni-channel retail strategy with RFID solutions which enable maximum speed and optimal precision for full control and visibility of the millions of garments that the Group ships every day to its stores around the world,” said Per Levinpresident and chief sales officer for merchandise availability solutions, Checkpoint Systems.