Cherrygood launches chilled cherry juice in the UK

New Cherrygood Premium Chilled

New Cherrygood Premium Chilled

Cherrygood claims to have launched the first chilled cherry juice in the UK.

New Cherrygood Premium Cherry is reported to have the highest levels of cherry juice and protective antioxidants than any other leading chilled juice.

It costs £2.29 and is currently available exclusively in Waitrose stores nationally. From 4-24 January 2011 it will be on promotion for £1.83.

The new variant is the latest addition to the Cherrygood family and is the first to be found in the chilled aisle. It is claimed to be packed with the juice of more than 200 cherries and counts as one of your Five-A-Day.

Cherrygood Premium Cherry is described as 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or added sugar.

There are now three drinks in the range – Cherrygood Premium Cherry, Cherrygood Original and Cherrygood Light.

Cherrygood Original and Light both cost £1.50 and are available in all major supermarkets.

John Heseltine, founder of Cherrygood, said: “We asked our customers what they wanted and they asked for a chilled version of Cherrygood packed with even more cherry juice.

“Montmorency tart cherries are regularly in the news because of their amazing health benefits and we are delighted to give our customers a range of great all-round family juices for breakfast and mealtimes. We hope people enjoy the new flavour and its contribution to their health and well-being.’

“Montmorency cherries are one of nature’s rich sources of powerful antioxidants. Drinking Cherrygood may help ease the pain of arthritis, gout, reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, cherries contain melatonin, which has been found to help regulate the body’s natural sleep patterns, aid with jet lag, prevent memory loss and delay the ageing process.”