Cherrygood targets children and lunchbox market with 200ml cartons

Cherry Burst

Cherry Burst

Cherrygood, the UK’s leading cherry juice drink, is now available in a smaller ready-to-go size.

Cherry Burst, primarily aimed at children, will launch in Morrisons stores across the country next week as a triple pack of 200ml cartons. Each carton counts as one of your Five-A-Day. In addition to children, the company hopes Cherry Burst will appeal to the adult lunchbox market.

The packs will sell at RRP £1.35 and will be on promotion throughout March with a 30p saving.

John Heseltine, the founder of Cherrygood, said: “Mums have been telling us how much their children love drinking Cherrygood for breakfast and they would love a smaller version to pop in their lunchboxes. We listened and created Cherry Burst.

“All the goodness and flavour of wonderful real cherries are packed into each carton making it an easy way for children to get one of their Five-A-Day.

“Cherry Burst is not just for children though. We’ve already discovered lots of dads are tucking them into their briefcases to drink at work as an alternative to tea and coffee and mums are taking them to the gym to rehydrate after exercise.”

Cherry Burst is the latest addition to the Cherrygood family. There are now four drinks in the range – Cherry Burst, Cherrygood Premium Cherry, Cherrygood Original and Cherrygood Light. 

Cherrygood Original and Light both cost £1.50 and are available in all major supermarkets. Cherrygood Premium Cherry, the UK’s first chilled cherry juice, costs £2.29 and was launched last year.