Christmas returns set to peak today, says ParcelHero


This Thursday returns reach a peak, with UPS alone expected to deal with 1.3 million returned items on 5 January  – National Returns Day. The leading parcel broker ParcelHero is advising anyone who has received an unwanted or faulty gift to act quickly; as time is running out fast.

Says ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks, said: “Canny shoppers who buy online are protected by the 14-day Consumer Contracts Regulations; which enables consumers to return an item within two weeks for any reason and get a full refund. Remember the 14-day period for gifts bought before Christmas is almost up – with 9 January being the final date for items received on Christmas Eve. You must either return the item within 14 days or notify the seller in writing or email – in which case you have a further 14- day grace period to return it.”

And buyers from online store Amazon have a little more time to check their gifts: items dispatched by during the period from 1 November to 31 December, 2016 must be returned at any time before midnight on 31 January, 2017.

ParcelHero reveals that this year clothes are likely to be the most returned gift item within 14 days, as people buy various sizes to allow for that mysterious Christmas extra girth. Adds Jinks: “Even if you didn’t buy from Amazon and the 14 day period is over, the good news is, you have 30 days to get an automatic refund or replacement for a faulty item under the Consumer Rights Act. That takes you to 24 January for an item bought on Christmas Eve, to notify the seller there is a fault with the item.  Remember, this applies only to faulty goods. If you have bought clothing in a number of sizes, it won’t necessarily be accepted beyond the 14-day limit.

“Don’t forget to check with your friends or relatives, if the item was a gift, to find out the date they received it. It’s likely to be near the 30-day period already. And it’s not rude to ask if they have kept the receipt for a faulty item – though it’s a grey area if you just don’t like it!

“If you discover an item is broken beyond the Consumer Rights Act’s 30-day automatic limit for returning faulty goods, all is still not lost. If you find the fault within the first six months, it is presumed to have been there since the time of purchase – unless the retailer can prove otherwise. If an attempt at repair or replacement has failed, you have the right to reject the goods for a full refund or price reduction in this six-month period leading up to June 24th,for an item received on Christmas Eve.

“And even if you have not kept the original packaging, you can still return items to the seller! See for full details on how to return items not in their original packages.”