Clarins partners with Vee24 to launch virtual boutique to provide real shopping experience

Vee24, the leader in intelligent conversational multi-experience solutions, announced today that Clarins UK, a luxury skin care and cosmetics company, will use the Vee24 platform to deliver its innovative Virtual Boutique strategy. Having built its reputation as the number one skin care line in Europe through hands-on, personal in-store service, Clarins is using Vee24’s customer engagement platform to bring its exceptional in-store experience online. With Vee24, Clarins will deliver a Virtual Boutique experience that offers one-to-one, personalized consultations with its beauty coaches. Clarins chose to partner with Vee24 because of its ability to flawlessly provide immersive, live experiences virtually, as well as for its enterprise-grade, highly reliable and scalable platform.

“Vee24 is excited to be working with Clarins to bring its service, product advice, and skincare knowledge online with virtual beauty consultations,” said Priya Iyer, CEO of Vee24. “Clarins pulls out all the stops to connect with and delight their customers and are continuing to lead in the skin care industry with the launch of their Virtual Boutique. Vee24’s multi-experience platform is uniquely able to help Clarins deliver an unmatched online customer experience that builds long-term relationships with existing and new customers.”

Partnering with Vee24’s Client Services team, Clarins has created a high-end beauty studio, trained its experienced beauty coaches in online best practices, and deployed sophisticated technology. With Vee24’s modular platform, including VeeStudio and VeeScheduler, Clarins is bringing the in-store, real shopping experience online with the Virtual Boutique. Clarins’ forward-thinking online strategy uses Vee24’s video and appointment setting technology to offer highly personalized consultations that a customer can request immediately or schedule at their leisure. The Clarins beauty coaches and guest influencers have a high-end, multi-camera set-up that enables them to connect face-to-face with customers, as well as provide close-up, high-definition shots of products and application techniques.

“At Clarins, our products are the result of a 60-year dialogue with our customers, and it’s always been our passion to make their lives more beautiful,” said Emilie Maunoury, Digital, Ecommerce and CRM Director, Clarins UK. “Vee24 is helping Clarins become the leader in creating unique online experiences for customers. We are excited to introduce the Virtual Boutique to give our customers access to experienced beauty experts and show off our amazing products.” 

Vee24’s platform provides multi-channel online experiences that are convenient, reliable, and meet the needs of customers. Vee24’s flexible, modular platform enables Clarins to create live, immersive experiences with its customers now and in the future. At a time when consumers are demanding more online interactions from all brands, Clarins is well positioned to meet the needs of its customers and solidify its reputation for fostering a loyal following. Vee24 is a future-proof engagement solution that will scale seamlessly as Clarins digital strategy evolves.