Classic pantry essentials brand, Opies, launches fresh, new look

New brand image for Opies cocktail cherries

New brand image for Opies cocktail cherries

Classic pantry essentials brand Opies, has announced it has had a big refresh as it launches redesigns on all its labels across the Opies range.

The move will roll out and will be across all jars, including its Cocktail Cherries and Cocktail Onions, giving them a fresher more contemporary feel with the use of raw product imagery.

Opies, a family business established in 1880 has recently expanded its site in Sittingbourne, Kent and is currently in harvest season in the UK with its Pickled Walnuts, which are a major seller for the brand throughout Christmas and the winter months.

The decision to redesign the packs comes after a successful year for the brand and has been brought about to educate consumers as to the origin of the produce of the product. Opies prides itself on sourcing the best ingredients for its range, with its Stem Ginger being harvested in China and its Cocktail Gherkins in India.

With vibrant colours and the main ingredient on the label, each jar has a strong shelf presence to appeal to a consumer and bring clear consistency across the Opies range.

William Opie, MD of Bennett Opie, said “We feel that we have been heading in a new direction in the past year, and our new more modern labels reflect this. With the new Food Information regulations in place, we felt that we could not only update what we put on our labels to meet these standards, but also give the whole Opies range a fantastic refresh”.

The new design will be across the full Opies  range which includes; Cocktail Cherries, Cream of Coconut (remove – foodservice), Sliced Lemons, Cocktail Onions, Cocktails Gherkins, Cornichons and Onions, Pickled Walnuts, Picked Quails Eggs, Luxury Summer Berry Compote and Stem Ginger.