Clekt partners with La Perla to support digital transformation project


Data optimisation specialist Clekt is partnering with La Perla to support its digital transformation project. 

The luxury retailer is implementing a new, innovative data-driven approach to streamline global operations and offer customers a unified brand experience. 

La Perla is also refreshing its technology stack, moving to a new ecommerce platform to provide a rich, immersive shopping journey. 

“Good quality operational and transactional data is a central part of our digital transformation programme, and key to making the whole company agile,” said Simon Clarke, digital and technology transformation director at La Perla. “With the increasing online retail focus around the world, our data-first approach will underpin everything we do.”

Heritage brand La Perla was founded in 1954. The Italian atelier is known for its signature craftsmanship, working with high quality fabrics to create lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. La Perla has customers across Europe, Asia, the middle East and America. 

“The key difference in La Perla’s thinking is recognising the need to use data from the very beginning when engineering changes in technology, to avoid siloed activity,” said Andy Tudor, CEO of Clekt. “Being a data-driven business as opposed to data-led means La Perla is one of few retailers right on the edge of innovation.”