Clinical tests prove Pantys supports five pillars of intimate health

Clinical tests in partnership with Johnson & Johnson proved that Pantys supported the five pillars of intimate health: pH, microflora, temperature, comfort and clinical safety. Pantys is the first period underwear to be clinically, dermatologically and gynaecologically tested.  Key results from the study, published in April 2020, include; 

Safety: No discomfort sensations, no observed reactions under gynaecologist evaluation, no irritation or allergy potential

Health: Balanced skin pH, does not alter your vaginal pH, maintains your healthy intimate area pH

Wellbeing: Clean sensation, does not interfere in quality of sleep in 100% participants, clean, dry & healthy, doesn’t interfere with the practice of sports

In addition 64% of women felt freer when they were wearing Pantys and needed to choose clothes to go out, 85% felt cleaner, 100% felt that wearing panties does not interfere with sleep quality and 88% felt very comfortable.  

Pantys is made up of three types of fabrics with each layer treated individually to be antibacterial and antifungal: natural fibres which are dry to the touch and offer maximum comfort, a fully absorbent layer which eliminates 99% of bacteria and a waterproof fabric to protect against all leaks.

Founded by Emily Ewell and Maria Eduarda Camargo in Brazil in 2017, Pantys was created with the mission to improve the quality of life for women through sustainability and innovation, whilst creating a positive impact on the planet. Certified as a B Corporation in April 2019, Pantys is committed to tracking and improving its social accountability of everything that they do. Each product has its own carbon label and offsets 100% of its carbon emissions.   

Pantys offers a wide range of lines from period pants for four different types of flow, to a postpartum line including the first absorbent nursing bra in the world. The barely-there Tanga is perfect for light flows or at the beginning or end of your cycle. The Bikini is the most popular style with mesh fabric at the sides to stretch and flex as your body changes throughout its cycle. The post-partum collection includes a Slim style with a wide waistband for a more supportive silhouette while the Bralette offers leak-proof comfort, lined with high-tech antibacterial technology which facilitates breastfeeding and prevents leaks throughout the day.  The girls collection is designed for extreme comfort and a heavy flow during your first cycle with innovative technology to protect against leaks. 

Emily Ewell, founding partner of the brand and CEO comments: “Although we’re seen as a fashion and apparel brand, we like to think and operate as a healthcare company. This requires us to make sure that our products have the same level of safety and efficacy as a healthcare company would require.” 

Maria Eduarda Camargo, co-founder, COO and CFO of Pantys, adds: “For us, customer safety is the number one concern. We’d heard a lot from our customer feedback that Pantys was actively improving their quality of life, and we have the results to prove this in a scientific way.”

Pantys are available in size XS – XXXL from