Clipper Logistics taps into premium beer market with Adnams


Clipper Logistics is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with Adnams, the award-winning brewer, distiller and retailer. Clipper Logistics will provide Adnams with end-to-end supply chain management, packing, storage and online order fulfilment capabilities.

The Suffolk-based brewery, established in 1872 by George and Ernest Adnams, has been brewing beer on the same site for over 670 years. The location of the site however, has led to restrictions in carrier choice, and as a result, has impacted the daily cut-off order time for customers.

Clipper’s integrated solution based in Rotherham, will allow Adnams to extend their operational window, offering customers a later cut-off order time for next day delivery.

John Welsh, general manager, Rotherham for Clipper Logistics, says: “As premium and craft beer consumption continues to rise, we are delighted to partner with Adnams, offering them the sophisticated storage and supply chain facilities that they need. We are pleased that our ‘agility matched by ability’ ethos resonates with Adnams, enabling us to address their current operational challenges, and provide them with the foundation for future growth.”

The solution also offers Adnams increased growth opportunities by providing additional storage facilities to alleviate the space constraints Adnams had been experiencing with their existing in-house solution. Clipper’s Rotherham location also offers Adnams the ability to operate under bond as volume sales increase.

Charlie Darton, head of marketing for Adnams, says: “Clipper’s reputation for innovative and industry-leading logistics solutions meant that when we were looking to expand our offering, they were an obvious choice. By relocating to Rotherham with Clipper, we have not only been able to offer our customers a later cut-off time for their orders, but we are also now in a position to grow our operations. The scale and efficiency they are providing us with is ensuring that our ever-increasing customer demands are being met”.