Clipper Teas’ founder launches FruitBroo hot drinks and wins Sainsbury’s listing

FruitBroo: debuts in hot drink category

FruitBroo: debuts in hot drink category

FruitBroo, a new range of hot drinks made with real juices, herbs and spices, is launching in Sainsbury’s in mid-September 2013.

The brand has been launched by Mike Brehme, who founded, built up and sold the hot drinks brand, Clipper Teas.

Brehme predicts FruitBroo will open up a whole new category in the hot beverage sector as an alternative to those who want a hot drink but are bored with the usual options of tea and coffee. 

Caffeine-free, 100% natural and only 15 calories per cup, FruitBroo comes in a plastic bottle that retails on the ambient hot drinks fixture and is stored in the fridge after opening. Easy to make, just pour one or two teaspoons of FruitBroo into a cup, add hot water and its ready to enjoy.

Unlike fruit teas which smell good, promise much but taste of very little, each FruitBroo flavour is ultra-distinctive, the company claims. The range consists of Peach, Pear & Honey, Apple, Ginger & Spice, Honey & Lemon, Lemon & Ginger, Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon and Elderflower & Lime. RRP is £2.25 for a 100ml bottle.

Brehme said: “I deliberately took my time after selling Clipper Teas to create the next big ‘thing’ in beverages. I believe FruitBroo is the answer. Younger consumers are looking for tasty satisfying alternatives to coffee and tea. Our market research, and the reaction of the retail buyers has reinforced our belief that FruitBroo will be a great success.”