Clothes and electronics help Brits beat Blue Monday malaise, Manhattan Associates finds

Research conducted by One Poll on behalf of Manhattan Associates, supply chain and omnichannel commerce experts, shows that Brits are a group of techie fashionistas, with 33% of consumers polled commenting that online shopping would reduce the seasonal malaise; 46% of consumers saying they got the most joy from buying clothes online and 34% adding that buying electronic devices made them happiest.

Unsurprisingly, with the specter of COVID19 still looming large, and restrictions still a possibility in the UK, Blue Monday 2022 has even more potential to be depressing this year, with almost a quarter (23%) of British consumers expected to suffer from a Blue Monday dip. 

However, retailers have the opportunity to turn it into a far more positive day, as 29% of consumers stated they would feel better about the most depressing day of the year if retailers were to offer specific discounts and offers around the January 17th date.

With 95% of Brits preferring to shop online, for Blue Monday, it shines a light on the importance of effective ecommerce capabilities and the need for brands to maintain an agile and responsive supply chain if they are to offer frictionless omnichannel capabilities.

Georgia Leybourne, head of international marketing at Manhattan Associates, commented: “There is more than a shred of truth in the phrase ‘retail therapy’ it would seem this January! With a staggering percentage of Brits expected make any purchases online on Blue Monday and 45% of consumers suggesting that they will continue to shop via laptop devices for the remainder of January, it is clear that agile, responsive and scalable supply chains are the key to providing consumers with a much needed positive retail pick-me-up in the dreary month of January.”

Other findings of note: 

  • 43% of consumers prefer to shop at marketplaces where you can buy multiple items/brands at the same time
  • 43% of consumers will look to get some fresh air in January to combat the winter period 
  • 33% of consumers said that online shopping would improve their mood on Blue Monday  
  • 32% of consumers are the happiest when they see their product in person
  • 21% of consumers prefer shopping on the high-street to online
  • 24% of females prefer shopping in the highstreet than online shopping
  • 49% of males prefer shopping at marketplaces 
  • 17% males strongly agree to expect feeling a Blue Monday dip 
  • 41% of consumers aged 18 – 24 prefer to shop via their smartphone whereas consumers ages 45 – 54 prefer shopping on a laptop (52%)