Clyde Shopping Centre encourages local businesses to commit to a sustainable future

Clyde Shopping Centre in West Dunbartonshire is encouraging local businesses to follow its lead and boost their environmental performance in the year ahead by making a Resource Efficiency Pledge.

Since making the Resource Efficiency Pledge, a free scheme that asks businesses and organisations to show their commitment to the environment by taking action to enhance their green credentials, Clyde Shopping Centre has implemented a number of measures to reduce its emissions and waste. These include investing in an onsite composter to divert food waste from landfill and holding workshops with retailers on recycling and energy efficiency which have had a positive impact on the centre’s overall energy consumption and waste to landfill.

The Resource Efficiency Pledge is co-ordinated by Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland that helps the public, private and third sectors reduce costs by using their energy, water and raw materials more efficiently. Pledge signatories commit to a number of ‘actions’, to be completed within 12 months, to achieve their bronze level status. They can then progress to silver, gold and platinum certification by carrying out further Pledge actions.

Home to a range of retailers, food outlets and a cinema complex, the Clyde Shopping Centre signed up to the pledge to demonstrate its dedication to the environment and to encourage employees, partners and its 120 tenants to also take steps towards achieving a low carbon economy. Through expert advice from Resource Efficient Scotland and the use of their Savings Finder Tool, a free online resource which helps businesses find their key areas of financial savings opportunities, the retail hub was able to identify the best pledge actions to commit to.

The shopping centre’s commitment to greener practices has seen it nominated for a number of sustainability awards, most recently in the SME Management category at the 2014 Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES) Awards.

Andrew Forrester, centre manager at Clyde Shopping Centre, said:  “The pledge has been instrumental in demonstrating how seriously we take our responsibility to the environment, and by providing support and recognition for the achievement of set initiatives, has helped ensure we make significant improvements that also result in financial savings. We would strongly encourage all other businesses in the local area to make the Pledge and commit to improving their environmental performance.”

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Clyde Shopping Centre is a great example of a business which has put sustainability right at its heart. It’s great the team are so committed to reducing their impact on the environment and I commend them for their efforts to engage their staff and tenants.

“I would urge other organisations who want to make a more formal commitment to their sustainability to consider pledging to be more resource efficient. Not only does a Resource Efficiency Pledge make them more accountable, it also gives them access to a variety of online tools and marketing collateral which can help them in their bid to be environmentally sound.”