CM Telecom brings local support for mobile messaging, apps, payment and engagement services to UK and French markets

Global mobile services company CM Telecom ( has continued its global expansion by opening offices in the UK and French markets.

CM Telecom provides a set of APIs via one platform of messaging, push notifications and SMS, payments, apps and voice and the two new offices, in London and Paris, will allow it to offer local support to customers in these markets for the first time.

Having launched in the Netherlands in 1999 and with more than 3,000 clients worldwide, CM Telecom’s platform helps brands conduct critical business processes including customer interaction, marketing campaigns, transactions and mobile CRM. Services offered by CM Telecom include SMS tools, app development, push notifications and a Hybrid Messaging product, which combines multiple channels in one package – ensuring customers can deliver messages to audiences via one partner, whatever the platform.

Clients have access to an easy-to-use analytics platform so they can monitor campaign performance. CM Telecom also offers two-factor authentication services using One-Time Passwords delivered via SMS or phone call which are fully compliant with guidelines established by financial institutions.

As it opens its offices in London and Paris, CM Telecom can name TASIS and ParkMobile among its UK clients and the company is also working with Olympus and Dassault Systeme in France. CM Telecom already works with brands such as McDonald’s, Ikea, DHL, VISA and Paypal and is directly connected to a large network of mobile operators worldwide.

“It is crucial to us to extend our international reach by moving into the French and UK markets. CM Telecom is self-funded and profitable, meaning we are agile enough to focus on our core mission of getting close to our clients and to continue to develop our innovative technologies, yet we now have the scale to service customers worldwide,” said Hodny Benazzi, general manager at CM Telecom.

CM Telecom has always been self-funded and an active acquirer of other companies in the mobile sector as it bids to offer customers a stronger, integrated service offering. Motricity’s Dutch division, parts of mobile charity vendor Mobillion, mobile enterprise solutions provider MobileWeb, multimedia firm Paratel and app developer OneSixty are among 10 new firms to have been welcomed into the group in recent years.

CM Telecom said its consistent growth has been recognised by its placement amongst the Fast500 of Europe’s fastest-growing companies for eight years. As well as its newly-opened offices in London and Paris, it is headquartered in Breda and has offices in locations including Brussels and The Hague.

“While our competitors tend to operate in specific areas, like SMS, push messaging or payment services, CM’s product offering spans all of these areas under one roof. Our Hybrid Messaging system combines multiple channels in one package, ensuring customers can deliver messages to audiences via one partner, whatever the platform,” said Jeroen Van Glabbeek, CEO of CM Telecom.

“Our services are powered by our own, self-built infrastructure, supported by a 24/7 network operations centre including in-house data centres and fibre network across northern Europe; as well as in-house developers and support staff, making us a one-stop shop,” he said.