Co-op enhances HR operations during pandemic with Symatrix managed services


Symatrix today announced that the Co-op Group has implemented Symatrix’ managed services to deliver a next generation HR model for its 60,000 employees. This has enabled Co-op to save time, reduce costs and respond effectively to HR issues which has proved to be especially important over the past few months.  

Since partnering in January 2020, Symatrix has supplied key support at a difficult time for Co-op with the tax year-end coinciding with the first weeks of lockdown. Gareth Abreu, cloud devOps manager at the Co-op, explained: “Of all our partners, Symatrix made the single biggest difference to our Covid response. They provided crucial advice and consultancy on areas like furlough, tax year end, P11Ds at year-end. They underwrote tax year-end successfully. Historically this had always been a major challenge across our operational teams, trying to land change and statutory updates, while this year it happened seamlessly and against the backdrop of lockdown.”

Previously, Co-op had implemented the cloud-based Oracle human capital management (HCM) and payroll system to streamline its HR processes. To maximise the capabilities within Oracle HCM Cloud, it turned to Symatrix for a flexible and agile approach to supporting and developing the product.

Collaborating with Symatrix, a UK-based Oracle Managed Services expert, has enabled Co-op to make changes to its HR and payroll systems on demand, with the Symatrix team augmenting its in-house HCM delivery. Symatrix has been able to ‘triage’ one-off incidents quickly and efficiently and manage the information back to Oracle. That has led to quicker results and has saved Co-op’s internal team time and effort. 

Abreu added: “We wanted to create a new approach to complement our internal talent, rather than just an off-the-shelf offering. Symatrix had the capability and agility to help us do this and after shaping our partnership we selected them to support our HCM solution.”

Chris Brooks, managing director, Symatrix, commented: “We have built a trust-based partnership with the Co-op. We have complementary positive working cultures and there has been complete transparency between our two companies right from the start of the relationship. We have 100% confidence in each other’s capabilities, and we have seen ‘can do’ attitudes across the board.”