Co-op launches the UK’s first dedicated collaboration tool to deliver a single shared view of supply chain performance


Atheon Analytics and Co-op announce the availability of SKUtrak Collaborator, the next development in the companies’ multi-year collaboration to deliver daily sales, service and supply chain insight to the convenience retailer and its entire grocery supplier base.

SKUtrak Collaborator was developed by grocery data analytics specialist, Atheon Analytics, in conjunction with Co-op’s supply chain teams as an exclusive extension to the SKUtrak Premium service. It comprises three key performance metrics in a single interactive visual report for use in regular collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) meetings. Co-op and its suppliers can then collaboratively improve overall trading performance through a shared view on:

  • Supplier service level
  • Availability
  • Lost sales

Paul Howarth, Senior Analyst at Co-op, comments: “Collaborator gives us a chance to be open and transparent with our suppliers, and vice-versa. The result is faster and more efficient meetings, improved service levels, and ultimately increased sales for both of us.”

Dave Knowles, head of sales- off trade UK at The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company Ltd, adds: “As a mid-sized company, SKUtrak is an invaluable tool. It literally saves hours a week of number-crunching, which is time that I can spend progressing business with my buyer instead. SKUtrak allows me to quickly identify opportunities and go after them collaboratively.”

Lee Robertshaw, head of supply chain at Co-op, comments: “Collaboration with suppliers is key to our aim of ‘working better together’ for our customers. Atheon have created SKUtrak Collaborator in conjunction with us to improve the quality, frequency, and effectiveness of the regular CPFR sessions. By working from a common source of trusted data through SKUtrak, we can ensure both parties remain on the same page, allowing for alignment when reviewing performance. It also enables us to recognise ongoing issues, facilitating a more collaborative relationship going forward.”

Guy Cuthbert, CEO at Atheon Analytics, said “We are delighted to make this industry-first announcement with Co-op. One of the largest challenges facing supply chain analysts is the lack of a single shared data source and thus the lack of a shared platform for effective decision making. SKUtrak Collaborator is the first of a series of upcoming product announcements that will further help improve collaboration, forecasting and replenishment between Co-op and its suppliers.”