Co-operative aims to save time for cash shoppers with new self-checkout units


The Co-operative is introducing new self-checkout units in stores, which feature a hopper to allow cash shoppers to feed in coins and notes at the same time to save time at the checkout.

About two thirds of the retailer’s customers pay in cash and one third with cards. The terminals will also accept cards. 

The Co-operative is also testing a card only option in order to see how it is taken up by customers.

The new CINEO self-checkout solution from Wincor Nixdorf is being rolled out to 12 stores, with four units in each, with the aim to have the system in place in 30 stores by the end of the year.

The solution is expected to reduce queue times, improve customer service and provide the retailer with efficiency savings from cash recycling. 

“Cash recycling was one of the key factors in selecting Wincor Nixdorf due to the efficiency it can bring to us,” said Mark Hale, The Co-operative Food’s CIO and supply chain director.

“In addition, the solution will enable us to further improve the customer experience. With the CINEO self-service solution, we are continuing to develop the checkout options available to customers and effectively responding to customer demand for greater choice and higher levels of service.”

According to Wincor Nixdorf, the retailer wanted a new generation of terminals with comfortable features, such as large touch screens and cash hoppers to accept both coins and notes. The cash is counted automatically, saving the customer time at the checkout and further helping to reduce queue times. The Co-operative also wanted to address customer feedback and use a solution that would be easy to use and deliver value in the long-term, Wincor Nixdorf said.

The solution will allow The Co-operative to continue to offer customers a greater range of choice and even more effectively manage increased customer footfall at peak times. 

“We are delighted to be working with The Co-operative on the next phase of their self-service technology and to be further developing their customer service offering,” said Ed Brindley, director of marketing and business development at Wincor Nixdorf.

“The newest generation of self-service points are quicker and easier to use for customers than ever before and improved efficiencies for cash recycling can have a real positive impact for retailers they will continue to see well into the future.”