Co-operative extends own brand fabric conditioners


The Co-operative is extending its own brand range of fabric conditioners to include two new premium products featuring a new scent technology.

The additions are available in two varieties: The Co-operative Aroma Burst Fresh Breeze Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, which has a clean and crisp smelling fragrance, and The Co-operative Aroma Burst Pink Petal Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, which is a floral and sweet smelling softener.

According to the retailer, tiny capsules bursting with refreshing fragrance are infused into the laundry during washing. When the garments are worn, the capsules release a fragrance ensuring that laundry is fresh all day and has a  ‘just washed’ scent for longer.

Ulrike Heuer, category product manager for household goods at The Co-operative, said: “The new fabric conditioners smell incredible and the aroma burst technology really makes you feel like your clothes are fresh on, all day long. The packaging is really bright and colourful making it a natural choice for shoppers who want a little bit of luxury.”

The new products are available in selected Co-operative stores nationwide from 18 August 2010 at £1.49, and, as an extra incentive to buy, customers can pick up two for £2.00 until 7 September 2010.