The Co-operative Food puts golden tickets for top prizes in Truly Irresistible crackers

Premium crackers: prize potential

Premium crackers: prize potential

The Co-operative Food is adding even more excitement to Christmas Day by introducing a range of premium crackers, which offer party-goers the chance to win amazing luxury prizes – including £9,000 for a new car – if they find one of five golden tickets.

The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Luxury Crackers 6s (£10.00), available in silver or gold, are packed with the usual fun with exciting party hats, jokes, games and gifts – and additionally, a selected number of crackers sold nationwide will contain golden tickets which mean luxury prizes for the lucky winners.

People who pull a cracker with a golden ticket can win one of the following prizes – vouchers worth £9,000 for a brand new car, vouchers worth £1,500 for The Co-operative Travel, £1,500 for The Co-operative Electrical or two separate £1,500 vouchers for The Co-operative Food – so one lucky shopper will be able to start the new year with a new set of wheels, while others will be able to jet off on a fabulous holiday or pick up a fantastic entertainment system or even help pay for the food shopping after the Christmas festivities.

The crackers are out now in Co-operative Food stores nationwide.