Co-operative launches frozen lollies and ice cream cones at £1.00 price point

New ice lollies priced at £1.00 per pack

New ice lollies priced at £1.00 per pack

The Co-operative Food is launching a range of frozen lollies and ice cream cones.

The new lines will be available in stores from 25 March 2012 and priced at £1.00 per pack.

The Co-operative’s new trio of fruity ice lollies includes Rocket Lollies, Assorted Fruit Lollies and Assorted Fruit Splits. 

The Co-operative Rocket Lollies feature layers of pineapple, orange and strawberry-flavoured ice and are priced at £1.00 for a box of eight. 

Assorted Fruit Lollies come in orange, blackcurrant and pineapple varieties; while The Co-operative Assorted Fruit Splits are available in pineapple, strawberry and blackcurrant and have a vanilla ice cream centre.

The Co-operative Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Guilty Pleasure Lollies are made from vanilla ice cream and covered with Belgian chocolate.

For those that enjoy a classic frozen treat, The Co-operative has launched a new duo of ice cream cones.

The Co-operative Chocolate and Nut Cone has layers of chocolate and vanilla-flavoured ice cream with a chocolate-flavour ripple and hazelnut topping; while the Strawberry and Vanilla Cone features strawberry and vanilla-flavoured ice cream with a strawberry ripple and chocolate-flavour coating on the biscuit cone.