Co-operative launches Italian range and promotion


The Co-operative is launching an Italian-inspired range of products and promotions today.

The retailer is launching a Continental Meats range, including Salami Milano, Prosciutto and a premium Truly Irresistible Parma Ham, which is made from traditional dry cured pork leg, produced in the Langhirano valley by the leading Salumeria Italiana Citterio. It has been matured for a minimum of 18 months to develop a greater intensity of flavour.

The range is supported with a raft of deals, including a third off selected Italian or Italian-inspired own-brand products, which allow the customer to create their own antipasto selections. Shoppers can select from Pancetta, Prosciutto, Salami Milano, fresh Mozzarella, flatbreads, Italian salads, vine tomatoes and olives.

The Co-operative is also offering a third off its new own-brand Prosecco.

For an inexpensive and quick Italian-style dinner, customers can also take advantage of some £1.00 deals on store-cupboard items such as green and red pesto, pasta sauces, ciabattas and dried pasta products.

Also, for the first time, the retailer will be introducing an “Added Goodness” pasta range into its own brand from 2 August 2010. The three new varieties contain added oat fibre with the taste of regular white pasta. To emphasise the health benefits, these new products will contain a green dot, highlighting the high fibre content.