Co-operative trials QR codes on fresh produce packaging

Co-operative: QR codes trial on fresh produce

Co-operative: QR codes trial on fresh produce

The Co-operative Group claims it will become one of the first major retailers to feature QR (Quick Response) codes on fresh produce packaging to give customers information on the food, its growers and recipes.

QR codes will be printed on packaging as part of a trial, which will allow customers with smart phones to scan the codes on packaging and learn more about the background of the food and where it is grown.

Customers accessing the QR codes will be directed to a mobile website featuring information about the Group’s growers, recipes and nutritional information.

Anyone without smart phones will have the option to text a short code to receive the URL via text, for example text ‘APPLES’ to 83118.

The QR codes will appear on five products, dessert apples, pears, onions, Maris Piper potatoes and baking potatoes; produced by selected British growers including The Co-operative Farms.

Helen Bridgett, The Co-operative Food head of strategy, insight and planning, said: “Consumers have a growing appetite for knowledge on all things food related and this was an opportunity to provide them with an easy way to access this information.

“Customers want to know what they are buying, where it’s from and how it got here, as well as the health benefits and what they can do with it in the kitchen. QR codes present an opportunity to raise awareness and inform customers about the foods we sell.”