Coldpress adds almond milk drink to range in appeal to vegan and lactose intolerant consumers


The real joy with cold pressure is that its ‘sound thinking’ applies to all fields of food and drink and although Coldpress claims it stands tall as a proud, British-born business that first made its name in smoothies and juices, (of both a fruity & veggie persuasion) it seemed inevitable that a time would come when it would be wise to extend its ‘drinks wisdom’ to help the country’s growing vegan and lactose intolerant communities with their own, extra indulgent take on a top-notch almond milk.

Almond milk has been a popular milk alternative for some while now, with a growing loyalist band of followers who subscribe to its distinctive brand of low cholesterol, low sodium and low saturated fats; a velvety, smooth-tasting drink that’s renowned for being high in vitamins D&E and beneficial omega-rich fatty acids.

And yet, almond milk has often been unfairly tagged as a functional milk alternative or a peripheral fringe taste.  At Coldpress we refuse to underestimate any ingredient’s potential by recognizing that almonds like apples are especially accomplished when it comes to providing the perfect backdrop where other ingredients can express themselves.

Coldpress felt that the addition of sun dried (not heat treated) cacao and the ever popular banana were crucial for bringing the most lavish and memorable almond drink to the marketplace, a truly indulgent offering which combines fantastic flavour cues with enviable nutritional integrity and a miserly 49 calories per 150mls.

Brand spokesperson Andrew Gibb said: “Our first foray into discerning milk alternatives underpins our team’s ongoing determination to marry meaningful flavours with nutritional indulgence because a commitment to embracing a healthier lifestyle should never mean depriving your taste buds.’”