Coldpress adds Cherry & Apple juice to portfolio

Coldpress’s fruity renaissance gathers extra momentum this October with the arrival of a ‘punchy’ Cherry & Apple 250ml (with fortified vitamins)that will do its utmost to help ‘fine juice enthusiasts’ banish their wintery blues courtesy of crisp yet tangy flavour notes reminiscent of happier, sunnier climes.

The eagerly anticipated arrival of a new ‘hero’ cherry super juice, trumpets the arrival of Coldpress’s stunning 9-strong on-the-go (250ml) portfolio, including NEW super smoothies Survive & Thrive and Mend & Defend and welcome return of Coldpress classics, including Mango Passionfruit & Pineapple Banana Coconut and single varietals Pink Lady & Valencian Orange.

According to Coldpress founder, Andrew Gibb, ‘A rejuvenated chilled juice category is certainly dependent on ‘disruptor’ super juices like Coldpress re-establishing their supermarket credentials as a credible alternative to Big Soda heavyweights Innocent (Coke) & Tropicana (Pepsi) whilst making significant inroads into increasingly health conscious food arenas such as gyms, independent health food stores, delis, next generation garage forecourts and a resurgent foodservice sector. 

“Yes there’s been a lot of change at Coldpress over the last 6-9 months, including the creation of a state-of-the-art Spanish ‘pressery’ and establishing Europe’s 1st fortified HPP juice and smoothie portfolio, however knowing winks to past remain including the new 250ml on-the-hoof bottles remaining unmistakably hexagonal, albeit today’s on- the-go bottles are slim and elegant not short & squat.”

Coldpress has long craved a headline cherry to give extra impetus to the overall range, a nutrient-rich fruit (packed with fibre, potassium, calcium, folic acid and Vitamin C) with a decadent yet delicate flavour that has been historically subdued & suppressed by traditional heat-based pasteurisation.

With new listings already secured in Ocado, NISA and a number of the UK’s leading healthier living wholesalers the future looks ripe for the UK’s original HPP poster boy.