Coldpress launches ‘nutritionally responsible’ fruity coconut waters

    New fruity coconut water

As the leading light within the UK’s ‘heat free’ movement Coldpress has spent the last 12 months reinforcing its role as the category pacesetter within ‘nutritiously dense’ juices.

This March sees Coldpress expand its ‘cold pressure’ portfolio yet further with a new collection of 250ml fruity-themed coconut waters: Blood Orange & Mandarin – Cucumber, Lime & Mint and Raspberry Lemon.

Naturally, it was only going to be a matter of time before Coldpress began liaising with everyone’s favourite super fruit (coconut) and here it is, a meticulously assembled collection of low-calorie, coconut water based drinks that ripple with rich, well-rounded tastes and nutritional integrity; a tasty trinity of HPP wizardry, sublime tasting fruit and coconut water, teeming with essential, rehydrating electrolytes.

The fruity-themed coconut waters are targeted at juice evangelists of all ages (authentic family appeal), although it’s worth noting that the thoughtful composition of the blends  means that this new range of ‘nutritionally robust’ juices could be classified ‘school approved’ and lunchbox friendly.

Blood Oranage & Mandarin contains 25% less sugar than regular juices, 80% of your daily vitamin C needs and only costs you a miserly 76 calories.

Latest Kantar data certainly underlines the importance of up & coming cold pressure juices like Coldpress, Plenish, B-Fresh and Wow in resuscitating the juice fixture’s wider fortunes (+165%), because as Andrew Gibb (Coldpress founder) always stresses, “The pursuit of nutritional integrity and a healthier lifestyle should never mean dumbing down your taste buds.”