Coles pilots traffic counting and training solutions in bid to reduce queuing times

Traffic counting to reduce queue times

Traffic counting to reduce queue times

Australia’s leading grocery chain, Coles, has teamed up with Brickstream, a leader in behaviour intelligence solutions and Maidenbower Consulting (MBC), a training consultancy for the global retail and service industries, to reduce customer queuing times.
The pilot programme currently underway at the Coles Taylor Hills store is the first in-store collaboration between Maidenbower and Brickstream. The installed Brickstream system measures customer traffic, analyses queuing times and behaviour, and then predicts the number of queue lanes required in the next five, 10 and 15 minutes. The Maidenbower (MBC) customer-centric methodology provides Coles staff with best practices for acting on the recommendations made by the Brickstream system, including opening a new register to reduce customer waiting time, as well as how to respond to common customer behaviour patterns to create a better retail experience.
Brickstream’s BehaviorIQ platform, TrafficIQ and QueueIQ applications, and Brickstream 3D smart devices use analytics and stereo vision technology to capture intelligence about in-store customer behaviour as people come and go, move about, and wait in line at retail locations. This insight helps retailers better understand shopping characteristics such as the ratio of sales to store traffic, wait times of individuals in queues, and service levels, as well as how customers are responding to product displays and other types of promotions, the company said.
For more than 20 years, Maidenbower said it has worked with retail service businesses to train staff on the latest retailing technologies and promote best practice customer service. Maidenbower said it manages large-scale training roll outs, helping national and international businesses deliver vital skills to their workforces via a mix of trainer and delegate sessions, online interactions, and shop floor training. Maidenbower (MBC) claims it has helped leading UK retailer, Sainsbury’s become the number one user of self-service technology, gaining 100% positive feedback in the process.
“The overall customer experience is influenced by the last thing they remember in a store and that shouldn’t be waiting an eternity to purchase your item,” said Paul King, managing director of Maidenbower Consulting (MBC).
“Working with the Brickstream solution will help retailers make serious improvements to wait times and to customer service in general.”
“Our partnership with Maidenbower provides our joint customers with the best of both worlds, the implementation of the leading in-store behaviour intelligence technology along with best practices for how to respond to the knowledge that the technology provides,” said Steve Jeffery, CEO of Brickstream.
“We look forward to expanding our relationship with Maidenbower and working together on additional large-scale, in-store projects.”