CollectPlus tips online returns will peak on ‘Boomerang Thursday’ (today)


CollectPlus, the parcel delivery and collection service, predicts today (6 December 2012) will see a peak in the number of gifts bought online being returned.

It’s dubbed ‘Boomerang Thursday’, as it follows the busiest online shopping day of the year, ‘Mega Monday’.

Customers have bought presents in their millions, but many change their minds and want swift refunds or the chance to seek alternative gifts, said CollectPlus.

CollectPlus predicts a 15% increase in parcel return volumes this Thursday, compared to an average Thursday outside the peak Christmas period.

With such a surge expected, and just three weeks to go until the big day, the research has found a quarter (24%) of online shoppers are so confident of receiving replacement items in time for Christmas they are happy to return items for exchange after the Mega Monday rush.

Despite some Brits citing barriers when it comes to shopping online this Christmas, the vast majority are taking advantage of the convenience and ease the internet offers, with almost nine out of 10 (87%) stating they will shop online this year and over one quarter (27%) intending to do more online than in 2011.

For those worried about missing vital Christmas deliveries or not being able to visit the Post Office during opening hours to return parcels, CollectPlus said it can give shoppers the option to do so at over 5,000 outlets, from convenience stores to garage forecourts, which are open considerably longer hours.

Mark Lewis, CEO of CollectPlus, said: “Looking at how people are shopping today to how they did 10 years ago, it’s clear to see we are a nation which is embracing the world of e-retail, particularly when it comes to Christmas.

“For most of us, fitting Christmas shopping in between our busy day-to-day schedules is no mean feat and retailers need to ensure returning and receiving parcels is as simple as possible. With now over 5,000 stores in our network, this year’s Christmas shoppers have more flexibility than ever to pick up and return items at a time that suits them.”