Company turns search engine on head with Wacko Search launch

Wacko Search: place to go when you are bored

Wacko Search: place to go when you are bored

Loyaltynet, a company specialising in devising novel web sites has launched an unusual search engine. Wacko Search is the same as any conventional search engine in that it allows the user to enter whatever search term they wish. The difference is Wacko Search provides totally the wrong results. The results from Wacko Search are a list of those unusual and quirky web sites users will love to discover, said the company.

Philip Thomson, managing director at Loyaltynet, said: “Young people don’t even recognise the term ‘surfing the web’. Gone is the time when many of the most exciting things on the net were those that you found by accident. This is because Internet search engines attempt to guide us with laser accuracy to specific subjects. Wacko Search turns the idea of accurate searches on its head.

“Wacko Search is a fun site – we want it to be the place you go to when you are bored, but still want to be doing something online,” said Thomson.