Comparison website, mySupermarket, supports Live Below The Line campaign


Grocery comparison website, mySupermarket, is supporting the Live Below The Line campaign (7-11 May 2012), which aims to increase awareness of poverty by challenging people to spend five days feeding themselves for £1.00 a day – the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

MySupermarket has created Live Below the Line shelves online, across all the leading supermarkets, which means visitors can shop around for the best prices on all of the basics necessary for the challenge. Customers can fill their baskets (£5 for the five days), choose the cheapest retailer and check-out, knowing their decisions will be helping the 1.4bn people in developing countries who live on less than one pound every day, said the website.

James Foord, VP of mySupermarket, believes everyone can shop wisely at any time of the year but it takes an innovative campaign like Live Below the Line that challenges us all to think about how we spend on food.

Foord said: “Live Below the Line is a powerful and innovative awareness campaign to challenge people in developed countries to live on £1.00 a day and we’re proud to support it. But the message is also about challenging us all to shop better and more savvy. Eating healthily on a smaller budget can help our pockets and that’s where we come in.”

To show consumers how to shop more cost effectively whilst making sure they can eat healthily, mySupermarket has created special Live Below the Line shelves, which state prices per unit so you can budget accurately during the big campaign. To help prepare, it has also listed top tips to make sure participants succeed, alongside a couple of recipes designed to keep the hunger at bay.

Mysupermarket’s Live Below The Line top tips:

  • Plan ahead – make a shopping list and buy all your ingredients beforehand in bulk, so you can keep to the budget
  • Compare prices – this doesn’t mean you have to drag yourself to your local supermarket. The website is a great way to compare food prices of Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado
  • Trade down and save – buy from own brandselections. These are the cheapest and best value for money
  • Swap and save – look out for our suggestions on how  you can swap products to save extra
  • Avoid ready meals – they are not great value for money
  • Cook multiple portions – you can use the leftovers and you waste less
  • Keep motivated never forget that you are helping to change people’s lives