Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks introduces new products to novelty range for children


The UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks, has introduced exciting new products into its novelty range for children.

With Britons expected to spend the summer in the UK rather than head overseas, the new additions will be an added bonus to retailers and leisure outlets hoping to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic.

Among the new confectionery is novelty eggs with collectible figures, sour flavoured candy and robo grabbers with tasty sweet treats.

The Crazy Candy Factory Puzzle Eggs are expected to be a popular choice among retailers and their young shoppers.

Each egg includes 20g of fruit flavour sweets and a fun colourful number puzzle, perfect for families heading on car journeys and wanting to keep young minds busy. These are sold to retailers in packs of 12.

Novelty grabber sweets are also new from the Crazy Candy Factory. The fun Robo Rex Grabber is a toy robot dog grabber with strawberry flavour candy sweets in the handle.

The Robo Hand Grabber is another novel choice with each robo hand containing delicious strawberry candy. These retail at £13.50 for 18 units.

Other fun launches from the Crazy Candy Factory include Crazy Candy Factory Chaos Floss which is a sour flavour candy floss which paints the tongue blue and Crazy Candy Factory Unicorn Light Pop.

This fun treat consists of blue raspberry, grape and strawberry flavour lollipops with a light up unicorn head.

Sweet Bandit have added to their range of novelty products ahead of the summer.

Two new sour flavours, cherry cola and citrus attack, have been added to the popular Crunchy Crystals confectionery. The fruit flavoured sherbet is a big hit with retailers and sweet lovers.

The fun 3D Surprise Eggs will be a big hit with children. Each egg includes a collectible figure, candy and stickers. 

Eggs and figures include Dino Hunt 3D Surprise Egg, Shark Attack 3D Surprise Egg and Snake Hunt 3D Surprise Egg. Retailers can buy these in boxes containing 18 units for £9.90.

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at Hancocks said: “Novelty kids sweets bring joy to little ones with the combination of candy and a toy appealing to children. With summer likely to be spend in the UK rather than heading overseas, these are a great for days out and car journeys.

“Our wide range at Hancocks means there is lots for retailers to choose from so they select the right confectionery for their young shoppers.”

Hancocks is the UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler with 14 nationwide cash and carry stores and an online channel where customers can shop online 24/7 with delivery to the door or click and collect options.

Hancocks is the one stop shop for confectionery for over 25,000 independent retailers and the partner of choice for over 250 suppliers from across the globe.