Confidence, bank balance and wine get better with age, Pernod Ricard UK reports


Wine gets better with age, and age gets better with wine! Jacob’s Creek unveils what Brits believe gets better with age and the nation’s wine drinking habits to celebrate the launch of its Double Barrel range. 

Brits claim confidence gets better with age (40%), whilst over one in three of us (33%) cite patience as the second thing in life that improves with age, followed by relationships (30%) which is ‘grape’ news for lovebirds (must be nice). 

Blending traditional and innovative techniques, Jacob’s Creek has recently launched a new wine from down under, the Double Barrel Chardonnay – the world’s first Chardonnay crafted in aged Scotch whisky barrels giving the wine a complex and unique profile.

Lucy Bearman, Wine Portfolio Director for Pernod Ricard UK, comments: ‘We know wine gets better with age, and our Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel range is the epitome of the perfect bottle of wine. Bold, rich and textural, the full-bodied wine is bursting with flavour thanks to its unique ageing process in Scotch whisky barrels, along with the easy drinking, approachable styleof Jacob’s Creek’s Aussie personality in the liquid we know everyone loves.’

Despite lockdown rules relaxing from 12th April, the poll revealed that more than one in three Brits (37%) are set to continue drinking at home, with the equivalent of 3.9 million people due to enjoy a Chardonnay in the comfort of their homes this summer. 

Research also explored different ages and regional wine drinking habits, with nearly half (48%) of those in the North East of England most likely to continue drinking at home. When sharing a glass with friends, Chardonnay is the wine of choice for nearly one in tenLondoners, while over one in five (22%) of those in the North East prefer Rosé. This is also the wine of choice for those enjoying a glass solo in Yorkshire and the Humber (19%) and East Midlands (14%). 

Brits are a superficial bunch, as over one in three (39%) pick a bottle of wine based on the label. Those in Yorkshire and the Humber (49%) are more likely to base their select on how the label looks, over those in the West Midlands (33%) and East Midlands (28%). In general, women (41%) claim they are more influenced by the label then men (34%),however, the older we get, the less swayed we are by how the label looks.

Picking a bottle of wine is a tough decision, harder than deciding which park you’ll meet your friend at for the 2349th time, so many of us seek advice from friends and family when it comes to selecting the right wine. Nearly half of us (41%) rely on our loved ones to act as our own personal wine expert.

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay is available exclusively in Sainsbury’s, while Shiraz is available in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Ocado & Amazon at £12 RRP. Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon is available exclusively in Asda, RRP £12.