Consumer experience company, [24]7, launches predictive, live chat solution


[24]7: new live chat solution

[24]7: new live chat solution

Consumer experience company, [24]7, is launching a live chat solution that combines prediction and real-time decisioning with big data analytics.

According to the company, [24]7 Assist has been chosen by global industry leaders in the retail, technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.

Based on [24]7’s Predictive Experience Platform, which is claimed to deliver an improved customer experience across web and mobile channels, [24]7 Assist drives more productive and effective sales and customer service journeys, [24]7 says.

[24]7 reports it has developed new productivity features for agents and created more powerful agent performance management capabilities. Together, this combination of predictive power, agent productivity, and performance management delivers higher sales revenue, and improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction, the company claims.

[24]7 Assist is part of a larger family of cloud-based, cross-channel sales and customer service solutions powered by [24]7’s Predictive Experience Platform. Solutions powered by the [24]7 platform deliver consistent and contextual experiences across channels and devices, [24]7 says.

“[24]7 Assist is a key part of our cross-channel customer solutions being adopted by the world’s leading retail, technology, communications, financial and travel companies. It is critical to our broad vision of delivering a ‘single digital hub’ where customers can use any channel and device and interact in a consistent, intuitive way,” said PV Kannan, founder and CEO, [24]7.

“It is our clear intention to disrupt and then transform the entire customer experience across industries, using big data and prediction as our foundation.”

Key capabilities of [24]7 Assist include:

Prediction and real-time decisioning

[24]7 Assist mines 100% of customer interactions, then uses machine learning to recognise complex patterns and refine predictions in real-time to account for the intent of individual customers. [24]7 Assist is already evaluating real-time models one billion times per month across its client base to better anticipate and serve the needs of individual customers.

[24]7 Assist knows which individuals prefer chat as a channel, when during the journey agents should intervene, how to intervene, and what to offer, [24]7 reports. The results are continuous improvements in the customer experience metrics that matter to companies, within three months, the company says.

Intuitive experience

Conversations become a personalised experience, based on the customer’s intent and history. Rich interactive content such as video, maps and graphical product images are offered, and the chat window and experience is flexibly tailored to the customer’s device automatically, whether the engagement takes place on a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. 

Smarter agent workspace

[24]7 Assist was designed with direct input from agents, and for today and tomorrow’s agents. The interface was designed to maximise collaboration and ease of use. Flexible workspaces allow agents to easily access predictive information on customers, and to then offer rich interactive content easily. As a result, agents become more productive and can more easily drive business results, [24]7 claims.

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