Consumers buy online for best prices and for comfort, new research reveals

European consumers prefer to buy online because that’s where they feel they’ll find the best prices. 

That’s the key motivation for online shopping, according to new research from the online discount sales retailer,

The second e-shopping motivation is comfort: consumers can buy whenever they like because e-shops are always open and they don’t need to leave home or stand in a queue.

The company has drawn on its membership base of 17m e-shoppers across Europe and more than 10 years of e-commerce expertise to launch Survey Lab, a European e-shopping market and trend research laboratory.

According to the company, the Survey Lab will enable the site to share insights with its 1,500 partner brands about their markets and active e-shoppers, such as the place of the internet in the lives of European e-shoppers or the future of e-shopping and mobile commerce.

It offers multi-country coverage and analysis based on the thousands of multi-sector sales on the site each year. As a result, the lab is able to highlight comparisons between the various sales sectors to be found on, as well as buying habits on the internet, the company said.

Julien Zakoian, marketing director at, said: “Through Survey Lab by, the site uses its expertise of more than 10 years in the e-commerce sector to provide brands with information on digital and multi-channel issues.” 

The results of this market research from Survey Lab by emphasise the internet is perfectly integrated into European households: 95% of respondents connect at least once a day, particularly in the evening, after dinner, for two main activities: purchase and communication.

Retail Times’ readers can see the first phase of research here: Survey Lab