Consumers drive twilight shopping, as half of tablet owners shop between 5pm and midnight, Tradedoubler study finds


Half of tablet owners (51%) are shopping between 5pm and midnight, extending traditional shopping hours, new Tradedoubler research reveals.

The finding indicates retail is now a 24-hour industry, Tradedoubler said.

The recently published mobile commerce forecast from Forrester estimates 49% of all European online sales will come from mobile devices by 2018. This highlights the growing importance of a mobile presence for retailers who wish to engage with consumers across the increasingly complex online journey.

“Our research demonstrates just how versatile marketers and retailers need to be,” said Dan Cohen, regional director at Tradedoubler. “Mobile has effectively extended shopping hours for both consumers and retailers, and created an environment where consumers can shop whenever and wherever they like.

“Retailers need to recognise that a strong mobile presence, as part of an integrated digital campaign, will not only increase their engagement with consumers but will also enable them to guide shoppers down their preferred purchasing path.”

Tradedoubler’s research also showed mobile devices are enhancing the effectiveness of TV advertising. While they are watching TV, over half of smartphone owners (57%) use their device for activity related to the programme they are watching, and 59% use their device to buy something they have seen advertised on TV, with the latter rising to 71% for tablet owners.

“The convergence of TV and mobile has turned television from a passive into an active experience,” said Cohen. “Consumers constantly research, share and ultimately buy products they’ve seen on TV and retailers and advertisers have a unique opportunity to engage with consumers in their own homes, on their own time, with deals that generate an immediate impact.” 

“We know that consumers turn to mobile devices for information and inspiration but it’s where the conversation starts and where the consumer goes next that matters,” said Cohen.

“Smartphones and tablets are now at the very heart of the European retail landscape and will play a key role in its growth over the coming years. If retailers don’t have a mobile presence they’ll quickly find their customers jumping ship and engaging with the competitors who can give them what they need to buy, when they need it.”