Consumers poised to embrace internet TV for shopping, new eBay study finds


One in four (25%) people will regularly use interactive TV to shop by the end of 2014, generating direct sales worth an estimated £750m, according to an eBay-commissioned study carried out by Conlumino.

Smart devices are also ranked as one of the top five predicted influential technologies for retail.

The findings chime with research by leading payment processor, WorldPay. Its recently launched Global Online Shopper Report, a study of 19,000 e-shoppers globally, found  5% of global shoppers have already purchased online using a next generation interactive TV.

Further, 21% of respondents own an internet-ready TV and of those who do own one, 24% have used it to purchase goods and services. The highest users were e-shoppers in India (63%), Brazil (39%) and China (33%).

Smart device usage is also high particularly among ‘heavy spenders’ – those who have spent 30% of their disposable income online in the past year. Globally, 55% of heavy spenders have used a smart phone and 67% a tablet in the last three months to buy online.

Phil McGriskin, chief product officer, WorldPay, said: “The way consumers shop is evolving in line with technological developments and the Global Online Shopper Report shows many consumers are already using some of these technologies that are expected to be influential in the next three years.

“Retailers need to understand which channels are being used by their customers and what services they need to offer to effectively maximise the revenue opportunities now and in the future so they can stay ahead of their competitors.”