Consumers want more tech in-store for greater personalisation, finds Grassfish

Consumers are disappointed in the current lack of in-store technology available and want a more personalised experience when visiting a physical store, a new report from Grassfish, a developer of smart store and digital signage solutions, suggests.

With competition at an all-time high as the festive season prepares to kick off with Black Friday next month, it becomes even more important to ensure consumers’ needs and demands around personalised in-store experiences are met.

Original research of over 1,000 shoppers in the Generation Game Report from Grassfish found that the spotlight is firmly on digital technology in-store this year, as 52% are keen to use some form of technology in physical stores.

Over half (57%) of UK shoppers now expect these in-store technologies to not only make their experience more convenient, but they also wanted personalisation levels to be enhanced.  The most popular option for greater personalisation is for a new till to automatically open when the queue is too long (54%), followed by prices to change depending on how loyal a customer is (48%) and for special offers to be shared based on previous purchases (39%).

Almost a quarter (23%) suggested a more personalised digital approach in-store would make stores more relevant in a technology driven buying environment, while two fifths (19%) said it would increase their dwell time in store, providing an opportunity for increased conversions.

Roland Grassberger, CEO at Grassfish, commented: ‘Today’s consumers know what they want, and how they want it delivered; it is now the turn of the retailer to listen to these needs and implement the relevant technologies where necessary, to best provide the experience that customers both expect and demand.’

He continued: ‘In an age where shoppers are used to the relevance and convenience of online, physical stores need to work harder to provide personalised experience within the store too. This further helps to provide a unified brand experience for the shopper who, typically, doesn’t differentiate between channels themselves, and therefore has grown to expect the same of retailers.’